Further Advanced Mediator Training

The Further Advanced Mediator course that we ran in Italy 11-16 September was a huge success. Mind you, given the beautiful surroundings of the Abbazia San Pietro and the restaurant attached to it (one of the top two in Umbria) it couldn’t really fail.

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We had nineteen experienced commercial mediators from five jurisdictions, plus the four faculty (Joanna Kalowski from Australia and Heather Allen, Lawrence Kershen and me from the UK). It was a great group in a great place and the feedback was fantastic:

“Congratulations for a wonderful event in the Abazzia. One of the rare events that could not be improved upon in any way. Not much encouragement needed to draw me back again”.

“Thank you for running such an interesting, challenging and enjoyable course. Framed by an incomparable setting but made by the people. I hope you can be persuaded to run it again”

“I think what struck me was the breadth of what we covered – practical skills, philosophical debate and scientific frameworks”.

We hope to run the course once more, in 2018 (probably 23-28th September) and provisional bookings are already being taken!


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