Collaborative Working & BREXIT

BS 11000 on Collaborative Working was published in 2010 and was absorbed by ISO 44001 more recently. I wonder if the Government and EU negotiators have read it! If ever there was a situation that cried out for collaborative working, for using mediation skills, it must be the Brexit negotiations. It is extraordinary to me that it is possible to have a BS on collaborative working, but having got one I would have thought the Government would have been aware of it and adopted it as an integral part of its working. It is common sense. But perhaps common sense is forgotten in government.

I had a chat with Karl Mackie recently. He was interviewed on Radio 4 PM programme and made a very good case for mediating Brexit. I urged him to use his contacts to pursue the idea because I am not aware of any mediator being involved in the Brexit negotiations. What a waste of a valuable and skilled resource! If I were to be generous (and that is difficult at the moment) I would say that there must be behind the scenes negotiation going on and that collaborative working is working. The Prime Minister has recently used the words ‘working together’ so perhaps she does know about BS 11000. After all, it must be in everyone’s interest to get the best deal for Europe as well as the UK.

David Richbell


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