Thoughts on CMC Standards

web-kitemarkThe CMC aims to be the home for commercial (and other) mediators and has set standards for individuals, providers and trainers. CMC Registration is now recognised as the kite mark, and the recent tender for NHS disputes required applicants to be registered with the CMC.

It is still early days, and the CMC has had challenges of its own, but my concern is that the CMC has set minimum standards where I would much rather have a vision of aspirational standards, that we could all aim for. It is a concern of mine that we are turning out accredited, and Registered, mediators that meet minimum standards.

One hobby-horse of mine is the danger of experienced mediators being on auto-pilot, not being on their toes at every mediation. I think we should all have an annual peer review, where an experienced colleague sits in on a mediation and gives realistic feedback at the end.

Mii logoThe MII (Mediation Institute of Ireland) have a policy of supervision, where mediators have a ‘reflective practice session’ with a trained colleague. This is also common in Family mediation.


I can see this becoming a requirement of Registration within the next year or so as the CMC seek to raise standards even more. Of course, there is the matter of who pays.

Peer review is relatively easy – either a share of the fee or a reciprocal arrangement whereby each mediator reviews the other. Supervision (I hate that word) is different and there will have to be a fee involved. That then questions the affordability and I suppose there will have to be a minimum number of cases before the supervision kicks in.

Regulation here we come???


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